Dienstag, 10. April 2007

practical test with my DX 7

the diagram of the flight

In the last month I did several flights with my new 2.4 GHz Transmitter. The Idea is to become practical experience with the new system. Up to now, I feel very comfortable, because so far I had no glitches at all. I did a lot of flights during very different flight conditions. One of my experimental vehicles was the acromaster. It is a very light electric powered model for outdoor flying. It is a good model for aerobatic flight. And I could not destroy it when the model was airborne. A good carrier for all my log equipment. One of the funny tests was to test the range of the transmitter. Not a science test but a gut practical experience to see how far you can go. So I started the Acromaster in evening and the plane flown up in a straight line. During the whole flight the plane was under full control. When we lost the Acromaster almost out of sight I stopped the ascent and started the descent. After the landing and analyzing the logger we could see the maximum Height of the flight was 1160 Meters above ground level. This was my personal best altitude flight. During the whole flight the plane was under fully control. So for me under normal conditions, before you loose control with your radio, a plane will be out of sight. Thanks to Mario, he was playing the second eagle eye for me.

the carrier is a Acromaster from Multiplex

wingspan 1095 mm

length 1150 mm

weight 995 g

the carrier in parkposition.

My F5D Fleet for 2007 is ready

My new F5D Fleet for 2007 is ready now. I will fly both Batleth with a Lipo Setup.

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