Mittwoch, 29. August 2007

Inflight entertainment

Attached my inflight entertainment video. You will found it here.
Have fun. The camera was mounted on the plane Batleth. A full F5D plane I use in competitions. The Plane is designed by Ralph Metzger and Christian Rössler from the AKA Modell München
Location is the competition airfiled in Uelsen.

Montag, 27. August 2007

Slopesoaring with the F5D Guys from München

This weekend we had the actual world champions F5D from Munich for a short visit in the Swiss mountains. We had a lot of fun with the guys from the AKA MODELL München during the slope soaring. Ralph Metzger, Christian Rössler and Georg Rössler visited the Stonebock team in Zürich. After a nice candlelight dinner and a couple of beers and some good wine (thanks Ralph) the mountains called. So the next morning after cosy breakfast with “GIPFELI” we headed to direction Sargans. After a short walk we reached our good slope soaring site. It was an enjoyable day with a lot of nice flying in good and safe conditions.
Georg is trying some stunts. Girliepower :-)

Christian Rössler enjoyed it.

The pizza helped to grease the wing jointer. With the grease of the pizza it was possible to build up the plane.

The wondefull slope westside. You get 1200 Meter to fly.

A picture down the slope. You get no second chance.

Some eagle which joined the good flight condititons

My good old Wobbegong

All Picture are done by Ralph Metzger. Thank you! You will find his website here

Dienstag, 21. August 2007

F5B/F5F Eurotour competition in Switzerland

On the last weekend in Rapperswil was one of the two F5B/F5F Events. Because of the heavy rainfall the organiser had to move the whole competition site to an other location. So the event was held instead of Buttikon in Rapperswil. I was there on Saturday as a member of the jury.
From the tecnical point of view there was the test round with Lipos interessting. All other equipment was state of the art. The weather and food was fine. I enjoyed it very much.

Here are some pictures.

The new competition site had a remarkable land mark. Very good for selection between good pilot's and bad pilots. We had only good pilots :-) Here is Guntmar Rüeb lauching the spectra from Markus Möckli

The two brothers Roger and Pierre Bossard. Trés sympatic.

Guntmar Rüb with the spectra from Markus Möckli. Almost the whole German National Team was on the competition. Thanks Guys for coming.

The Worldchamp Wolf Fickenscher and Norbert Hübner . Two nice relaxed pilots.

The organiser of the contest Thomas Wäckerlin. He organised the competition and was simultaniously flying F5F and F5B. A man who is able to do different things at the same time. Real multitasking.

Fritz Jucker. He tried to fly according the new regulation with LIPO.

Brosman and Co. For me the best F5F Plane on the site. A flying wing. Details here under models

A good competition is only possible with good helpers. Thanks all of you.

Emil Giezendanner and his Crew. Everything was under control in a nice calm way. emil is one of the big promoter for electric flights in switzerland.

Thomas Wäckerlin, Roger Bossard and Marco Cantoni.

See you next time in Switzerland.

Freitag, 17. August 2007

Ein praktischer Workshop über das elektrische Pylonfliegen F5D in der Schweiz


  • 10.11.2007


  • Adlikon bei Regensdorf


  • Fachkommission F5 und Modellflugregion Nordostschweiz


  • Modellfluggruppe Furttal


  • 09.00 Kaffi und Gipfeli

  • 09.30 Begrüssung und praktische Vorträge:
Was ist elektrisches Pylonfliegen F5D ?
Modelle, Motoren und Ausrüstung praxisnah erklärt
Ein Einstieg in das Pylonfliegen oder was ist F5D limited ?
Der Propeller das unbekannte Wesen
Projekt Speedweltrekord
Der Aufbau eines modernen Pylonflugzeuges

  • 12.00 Gemeinsames Mittagessen im Restaurant
  • 13.30 Gemeinsames Modellfliegen auf dem Modellflugplatz
Flugdemonstration F5D auf dem Kurs wenn es das Wetter zulässt
Modelle und Piloten zum Fachsimpeln und Erfahrungs- und Gedankenaustausch
  • 16.00 Verabschiedung


  • Fachkommision Elektroflug Christian Hanke
  • Alle Personen welche Interesse an schnellen Flugmodellen haben und eine praktischen Workshop besuchen möchten. Per E-Mail bis am 1.10.07 an :
  • Fr. 20.- pro Person wird direkt vor Ort eingezogen.
  • Ist im Restaurant erhältlich. Ein gemeinsames Mittagessen kann im Restaurant Eckstein durchgeführt werden.
Eine Veranstaltung der F5 Fachkommision Website : here

Dienstag, 14. August 2007

SUMMER NEWS: massacre on props on a model airfield

eearie prop killers are around us.....
Keep childern away from them

Freitag, 10. August 2007

Our new Speedsensor arrived today

Today I recived our new speedsonsor. A tiny little thing.
Some news will follow as soon I have datas

The first measurement I did was on my Ferrari Mondeo.
Cruising around Down Town I made several logs with the new speedsensor.
The actual log you see in the picture is my speed I had from our DVD shop back home.

Montag, 6. August 2007


One of the Red Bull Airrace series was held in Interlaken. Together with some friends from F5D /F3B we visited the redbull airrace in Interlaken. I lived for several years close to this town, so we could stay with my parents.

some More pictures under:

The Interlaken area is very nice and remarkable for biking, slopesoaring and hiking.

The Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau.

Markus Wanner, Tobias Knoblauch, Matthias Brodbeck, Carsten Garth, Martin Stiefel had a relaxing weekend in Interlaken. It was impresive how the big boys flewn with their planes.

On our hiking tour we found some Edelweiss

View for Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau

Another spectator. His speciality Slope soaring.

some pictures from the show:

Breitling Team

Know we now wy the are named "SMOKERS"

The Red Bull Team

The race

Cool, but not driven by electricity!

A really nice trip to the big guys. Fly by yourself is more fun.