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Midairs over Herzebrock

Carsten my buddy

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Thats why he is allways second! No concentration during flight!
here the full article with all the pictures:
My Article from in english.
Three times a year, the electrically adicted Pylon Pilots meet each other. Mostly it's the same. Everybody knows it. A small group of model aviators who like to fly at speed. A group that is open to the outside, and friendly and cheerful to each other. Like every year we look to our friends and models: What's new, what has been done over the winter, What was built new, who has more fat around the hips and so on. As usual, everything remained the same.
With the goal to fly 10 laps as quickly as possible with a defined amount of energy, 25 pilots traveled to Herzebrok. All of these three competition are parts of the German championship. This competitions are also the qualifying for the World Cup 2010 in Muncie F5D USA for the German team. That is a basis, for an exciting contest. It also came, despite the long Journey, surprisingly, many participants from Austria and Switzerland.

Klaus and Patricia Brettner and Modell Club Condor Herzebrock have invited to this event. The competition was very well prepared and started on time with a limited group. Altogether there were four pilots registered in this class, plus Bastian Könen without the limiter. He could fly out of the competition as a friend. Ralf Metzger, one of the creative minds from the Munich AkaModell, met for the first time in the Limited class since the rules changed and which requires the use of an energylimiter. He seemed to feel comfortable. His many years of abstinence from flying competition has not made noticeable and he was fling his sovereign rounds. Good times and an accurate flight style allowed him to take home, the beautiful trophy to the south of Germany. The Limited class allows exciting race with the same conditions for each pilot. The difference to the "big" FAI class is a lower energy limit (450 Wmin over 1000 Wmin) and the prohibition of own buildings for motor, controller and propeller. Its resulting in lower speed and allows for new competitors the feeling for exciting position battles. If you want to have fun and your flying style is still somewhat uncertain, this is exactly the right class for beginners. The racefeeling and the good mood is in limited available for cheap money. Full fiberglass is not absolutely necessary and secrets around the drives are public(see RCN). Unfortunately, the number of participants in the Beginners (Limited) class shrunk, as several drivers changed in the F5D FAI class. As an example, the reigning German champion Jörg Heuser flys now F5D. The reverse case is also, however. Steffen Mueller has decided, to fly in the Limited Class and was also promptly Second. Peter Hansen, with his good old Turn Left battleship in third place.

The faster class FAI F5D was clearly dominated by Marcel Krämer, which showed to the older men, where the hammer hangs. An average of less than 60 seconds and a new world best time of 55 seconds for him. Congratulations. With its extremely precise and deep flight style, he used the 1000 limit Wmin most efficiently. Marcel has trained, prepared and we saw that clearly. That the flight style is important for victory , it has always been known. With the energy limiters we have now competitions conditions, which allow to measure objectively. A fine thing this energylimiter. This new toy alows with little effort to obtain competitive materials, which is normaly for everybody available. In the second place flew with the usual steady performance Dirk Belting. The third place for Günther Mayr from Austria with a minimal advantage. He was one point in front of Daviz Dzida.

A receiver probably dead in the model of Christian Roessler has led his model in a slightly inclined trajectory to an forced landing way out. It's amazing how exact the Fail Safe was set and how far such a model can sail without motor. With luck they could found it without a long search salvaged. The flight season has seemingly simultaneously started with the construction period. I have rarely seen so many bad Midairs like in this competition.
In accordance with the motto: "Never touch a F5D plane in the air."
State of the art in F5D FAI:
Models are in many cases, the out of the shelf avionics from Sergey Sobakin. A good safe value this CFK model. There are also self-constructions like the Batleth or own exotics collected from different models.

The situation is changing now. The new star engine is black, not purple anymore. The two fastest pilots in the competition put a new engine on. NEU Motors. The Hacker Empire in F5D seems to sway. There are also products of Lehner, Plettenberg and Kontronik used. It is important to ensure that the motor fits to the propeller. With your personal flight style is also your motor
defined. If your setup is too sharp, too much energyconsuming, it can happen that you have to finisch a round with long long thermal task.
Concerning Lipo cells there is no clear trend. The introduction of the limiter has shown that virtually all cells, which can survive the burden of a race, can good be used. From 3S to 5S, everything was at the startline. The trend tends in accordance with Swiss studies to higher voltages. (5S)
With the introduction of the limiter the battery battle is gone. All pilots use the Unilog from SM Modellbau. The complete LogSystem (shunt and Unilog) allows to understand the technology you use. Also for meassureing adicts, Unilog is the best, because so much data to have, was until recently not possible at all. The limiter, allowed me personally to go with three batteries at the German World Cup but then also two seasons to fly. The old NiMh batteries were at the end after only two flights defect. Only the debate must be launched, whether the amount of energy from 1000 Wmin is not a little bit too much.
An issue which will surely flare up again, is the manipulation of the limiter. For me it was relatively simple to dupe the limiter. It would be theoretically possible to obtain more energy than is required by the regulations. The measurements of the drive systems in the future should be adapted and strengthened. Currently there is only one system from Thomas Wäckerlin from Switzerland, which is able to record the amount of energy in a proper way.
Preferred brands come from the APC and Graupner. There also have been sighted various self-constructions props. For example, the external rotor drive with folding propeller by Marcel Petrasch makes a good impression. Also moulded APC propellers were used.
2.4 Ghz
The 2.4 Ghz systems are spread slowly in the F5D Group. Many German pilots in the scene rely on their proven Graupnersysteme on the 35 Mhz band. Only the Swiss have completely changed to Futaba 2.4 Ghz. The first experience in various competitions also through German pilots show that the system seems to work.
Whats up?
Noteworthy was the stress Grunenberg Thomas did on himself. He started in the Limited and FAI class simultaneously and with only with one model. In each round, he had to change twice the engine and the battery. And incidentally he was also twice working as an active helper. Unfortunately in one round it caused a collision, so that his Sharky had an irreparable damage. So he could take a break on Sunday and was able to relax involuntarily.

Hartmut Siegmann Limited has changed the cass and started now in F5D. But he has taken the rudder deflections and Expo settings he was used from the Limited class. As a result, his flightstyle on the course due to the greater speed looks a little bit silly. Also the fact that a wasp during the flight, sat behind his glasses, does not somehow lead to calm his flight. The wasp helped, however, that finally Hartmut could forget during its flight that his COG was not yet optimally configured.
Martin Schlief
"the old man and the field of honor" was unfortunately only for a visit in Herzebrok. This time, he has no models with him. As it looks, he will start again. We are pleased and have not already to write his obituary, what would be a very long one.
Despite free beer of the evening was quiet and civilized. We missed the Brit's The free beer was very good.

Thanks Klaus and Patricia for your exiting competition!

We'll see you hopefully in two years back in Herzebrock.

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