Montag, 25. Februar 2008

My first flights with a 2.4 Ghz FASST System from Futaba in a full carbon Pylon Plane (F5D)

Yesterday I tested the Futaba 2.4 GHz system in my F5D Plane. In advance I have done several flights with my good old Acromaster from Multiplex and a small Indoor plane called Voltmaster from Voltmaster. Once again I had no glitches at all. All Flight’s without any difficulties. The next step was to use the system in a modified Batleth; I will fly on the World championship 2008 in Kiev. The Batleth fuselage is build from Aramid and Carbon, so I had to put both antennas outside from the fuselage. With several walking tests on ground, I tried to find out what the range is. Everything seemed s under control so Carsten my F5D Buddy launched the plane in his smooth and good manner. The first flight test was ok, so we did more flights to see what happens. Everything seemed under control. I’m very happy with the new system.

The 607F Reciver

The TM14 2.4 Ghz Module. Here is the instruction Manual.

The Transmiter T12 FG with the installed 2.4Ghz Module. View from the back

The Antennas direct glued on the fuselage

Here you see the position of the antennas directly behind the wing. The actual position is nonsensitive

Biger view of the plane.
The Batleth ready to fly with the 2.4GHz System.
Weight 1Kg
Speed around 270km/h
Typycal Model for the FAI class F5D

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2008

3.eflight Indor Event

Last weekend we had enjoyed a relaxing, nice indoor meeting in Wetzikon Switzerland. Matthias, Carsten and David where also there.
Urs Leodolter and Roger Strebel organised the event together with members of the Modelergroup Pfäffikon.

Here a small video of the indoor pylon race. Thank you Mario. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the indoor flying. The race was won by a Milivolt from Voltmaster. One is for sure. The young guys will come. At these indoor events I look quite old with my flying style. :-)
At the 10. of February you will find some pictures here. All the photos are from Roger Strebel. you will find his website here.

Dienstag, 5. Februar 2008

The location changed from Odessa to Kiev

FAI World Championships for Electric Model Aircraft is MOVED from Odesa to Kyiv
you will find the news ont the official website.

The registration for the black sea cup you will find here.

Swiss Electric Flight commission meeting

Here you will find the protocol. It is in German. Thanks to Marco for the protocol.