Montag, 27. August 2007

Slopesoaring with the F5D Guys from München

This weekend we had the actual world champions F5D from Munich for a short visit in the Swiss mountains. We had a lot of fun with the guys from the AKA MODELL München during the slope soaring. Ralph Metzger, Christian Rössler and Georg Rössler visited the Stonebock team in Zürich. After a nice candlelight dinner and a couple of beers and some good wine (thanks Ralph) the mountains called. So the next morning after cosy breakfast with “GIPFELI” we headed to direction Sargans. After a short walk we reached our good slope soaring site. It was an enjoyable day with a lot of nice flying in good and safe conditions.
Georg is trying some stunts. Girliepower :-)

Christian Rössler enjoyed it.

The pizza helped to grease the wing jointer. With the grease of the pizza it was possible to build up the plane.

The wondefull slope westside. You get 1200 Meter to fly.

A picture down the slope. You get no second chance.

Some eagle which joined the good flight condititons

My good old Wobbegong

All Picture are done by Ralph Metzger. Thank you! You will find his website here

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