Freitag, 16. Februar 2007

Nördlingen 2006

Dr.Lagaua at his best. He wasn't able to fly a round with this F5D limited plane in a ordinary way. His speciality: soaring.

Behind Dr. Lagaua, Andreas (Pilot) and Siggi(Caller). Andreas is a nice friendly guy. Typically he doesn't look like that.

Mr This guy keeps the information moving. He is responsible for all the funny staff on his website. I enjoy him very much.

The Contest Director. This "enlarge your penis thing" gives him a good penetration against the silly arguments race pilots always come up.

Thomas, a member of the Swiss F5D Team. He changed his bycicle wit the oldest F5D Model we have found. A nice guy. In my Opinion one of the really good model pilots.
Markus one of the best F5D Pilots in the world. He was third on the Worldchampionship F5 2006 in Rumania. Cosy men.


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