Freitag, 18. Mai 2007

My new model for the speedcup

Yesterday I prepared my new model for the German Speedcup. It is now almost ready to go. Unfortunately my motor isn’t come. For now, just a little time more to wait and my plane will fly. My project name was FENRISWOLF. Actually it is an extended BATLETH fuselage and an original F5D wing. The design is from Ralf and Christian. (The actual World Champions in F5D from Munich) Thanks again to them. With their great support, it was easy to start my activities in F5D.

some data:
wingspan: 1.36 Meter /
wing load: 75g/dm2
weight without Motor and batteries: 350g
electric power 2kW
ready to have some fun. My batteries I will use.

My Speed calculation/expectations done by the Excel file from Martin Hepperle. You will find it on his wonderful homepage.

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