Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007

maiden flight was done

Yesterday I did the maiden flight wit my extended batleth. All components were in a good mood after the flight. No over temperature, No burns, no scars. The extended Batleth flew in a straight line. I lost the model almost out of sight, because it's pretty fast with our new airscrew.
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I used the following piece of equipment:
Motor: Neu 1509 2Y
Akku: TP 3850 6 S
ESC: Castel Creation CC 125
Reciver AR7000
Transmitter DX7
Servo Dymond D60

Now we are prepared for the Speedcup.
Special tanks to:
The Sponsor

My Swiss F5D Team
Carsten Garth
Matthias Brodbeck

My good friends from the Logo Team
Markus Wanner
Stefan Knechtle
Jens Buchert

to my special friend the singing guy from the slope
Raphael Jeger

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