Montag, 1. Juni 2009

F3D Electric

Just for Fun. I recived an older F3D plane from Viktor Casutt. He was a very popular and good F3D Pilot from Switzerland. He won a lot of international competitions. My target was to fly the nice competition model with an electric motor. Target is to fly that thing with around 2.5 kW.
Looks good. First flight was done. More on this project soon.

Motor Neu 1515 2.5 D S Prop 7x5E APC (Test)

Castle Creation Phoenix 125

Batterie 6 S Kokam 4000 mAh

Old style very nice build by Viktor Casutt!


Joerg Heuser hat gesagt…

How cool is this?
Please bring this one to Herzebrock!!
I need to see this baby flying.

Cheers - Joerg

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ciao Jörg,

I will.... Chris